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2018 -2019 International Health Expeditions Schedule:

Himalayan Health Exchange will organize the following medical/dental camps in the remote Trans- Himalayan regions of north India and Indo-Tibetan Borderlands in 2018. Participation is open to physicians/ residents, dentists, pharmacists, nurses & medical, dental, public health, and nursing students. Faculty members are welcome to join any expedition. Each camp is designed to provide care to approximately 1,500 underserved patients and an opportunity for international health exposure to participants. Student and resident participation is limited to 30 on each trip.

Note: Participants are responsible for arranging their own funding to meet expedition costs and must be willing to put in a minimum of 6-8 hours of clinical work, each day, for the duration of each clinical period.

Dharamsala:  A 4-week medical expedition to Dharamsala (north India), home to The 14th Dalai Lama and Tibetans in Exile. April 1-April 28, 2018  

Pangi Valley: Medical and Dental trek through the remote Pangi Valley. June 7–June 27, 2018

Medical & Anthropology: A 3-week clinical and cultural anthropology field expedition to the Trans Himalayan region of Indo-Tibetan Borderlands . June 25- July 15,  2018

Spiti, Indo -Tibetan Borderland: Ancient Tibetan kingdom of ‘Guge’ along Indo-Tibetan Borderlands. July 10 – July 31, 2018

Kargiakh: High-altitude medical/dental trek to a remote Trans-Himalayan tribal village located in southern Zanskar. August 1-August 27, 2018

Tibetan Settlements : Medical/dental trek to the Tibetan refugee settlements and villages of North Indian Himalayas. October 1–October 26, 2018



Outer Himalayas (Winter Camp): Medical/Dental camp in the north Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. February 1-February 25, 2019 

Dharamsala:  A 4-week medical expedition to Dharamsala (north India), home to The 14th Dalai Lama and Tibetans in Exile. April 1-April 28, 2019  

For details contact:

Ravi Singh e-mail: info@himalayanhealth.com  website: www.himalayanhealth.com

Phone: (404) 929-9399


Denton Shanks DO MPH

The University of Kansas Medical Center

Assistant Professor & Family Physician | Department of Family Medicine

e-mail: denton.shanks@gmail.com

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