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Cachamsi is a non profit immersion clinical medical Spanish program in Riobamba, Ecuador. It caters to all health professionals and students who would like to improve their skills in communicating with Spanish speaking patients. This experience takes place in an immersion setting using a supportive staff, nurturing and safe environment, and a tried and effective interactive clinical language acquisition methodology.
Cachamsi was started in 2004. It has taught successfully more than six hundred participants. These students, residents, physicians, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, physical, occupational therapists, social health workers, premeds, nurse practitioners, and optometrists have come from more than fifty academic institutions and four continents.
One of its missions is to improve the health of the Latino patient in the United States by helping health professionals communicate in Spanish well.
Its other mission is to enhance the education and health of the native people of Chimborazo province in Ecuador. This is done by summer camps, infrastructure building, medicine and medical equipment donations, collaborating with local health care entities, establishing and strengthening enrichment programs with local physicians, clinics and hospitals.
The Cachamsi participant has the opportunity to register and attend the program throughout the year with a flexible schedule.
The all inclusive fee (except airfare) is very reasonable and covers items that have been kept for their safety and convenience, such as private local transportation and the use of your own domestic cell phone given upon arrival.

The clinical opportunities in Riobamba and Cacha are diverse and robust. The cadre of volunteer, local physician preceptors is ample and experienced in preceptoring and teaching. For the non physician participant we also have like minded preceptors.

A strong highlight of the program is its unique, interactive medical Spanish course. The pedagogic methodology is modern, effective, and pragmatic. You will feel more confident after Pablo, our head professor, and his colleagues get to work with you in small groups.
Our curriculum is based on medical Spanish texts used in United States medical schools.

Ecuador is a small country the size of Colorado. The U.S. dollar has been used for the last fifteen years. Its excellent road system allows weekend excursions to the nearby volcanoes, Amazon, and Pacific coast. Chimborazo is a province well known for its Andean beauty. Its people are gentle, peaceful, and very friendly. In 2014 Forbes listed Ecuador as the number one country in the world for U.S. citizens to retire.

Online registration is simple. Go to the CACHAMSI website.
After you register online ask for a five minute Skype consultation with the founder and director of Cachamsi.

A rural family physician in Weimar, Texas, Dr. Jorge Duchicela, with more than twenty-five years in private practice, as health professional student preceptor, and clinical associate professor decided to start Cachamsi with the thought of "HEALING ABROAD; A LESSON FROM THE ANDES."

Plan for Cachamsi now. Between your first and second year, or an elective in your third or fourth year.

Pronto nos veremos en Ecuador! Hasta Pronto!

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