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Atlantis Project's programs are designed to provide both a meaningful health internship experience and a great cultural experience. With beautiful locations in Spain and Portugal and an opportunity to give back to the local communities, the Atlantis Project offers a comprehensive and impactful internship program. Learn more below to find out why the Atlantis Project is ideal for students interested health professions.

Pursuing a career in healthcare requires investing significant effort, time, and finances, beginning at the undergraduate level. Witnessing the practice of medicine first-hand can help cement the decision to pursue a career in healthcare and give the enthusiasm needed to complete the long road ahead, or it can save you valuable time, stress, and money if you realize early on that healthcare is not right for you. Even students who are positive about working in healthcare benefit from gaining more insight into the life of healthcare professionals and operations of a hospital, helping you to narrow your interests, making you a stronger candidate to medical and health professional schools, and preparing you for the trials (and joys) ahead. In today's competitive application environment, extra experience shadowing, more clearly defined goals, and more awareness about the healthcare field can make a significant difference in admissions.

The Atlantis Project offers an intensive shadowing program of approximately 25hrs/week in public hospitals where students see different areas of medicine while also observing a European public healthcare system. Outside of the hospital, students broaden horizons by exploring Spain or Portugal. The hospital internship is observation-only, and the Atlantis Project is committed to ensuring that all participants are held to high ethical standards while shadowing (read more about ethics here).

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