Since the first edition was published in 1984, the AMSA International Health Opportunities Directory has been a popular  resource provided by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). Use this directory as a tool for information on global health programs and organizations for worldwide discovery and service. Included in the directory are opportunities with organization both in the US and abroad. The directory includes a variety of opportunities for both medical students and premeds. Volunteer, course work, fellowship, summer internships, and medical Spanish are among the types of opportunities you will find in the AMSA IHO Directory.

To use the directory, visit the Search For Opportunities page. Use the advanced filters to search for specific health opportunities by location, education level, and opportunity type.

Looking for more information on a Standard Listing?

Our Standard Listings allow many organizations to provide stub information about their programs. While these listings do not have informational pages on AMSA IHO, users are encouraged to further research and reach out to each organization to learn more about their opportunities. Our Featured Listings are provided for those organizers who have provided extensive information about their programs to AMSA IHO, and offer full descriptions, contact information, and web link info.

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Disclaimer: Programs listed here do not imply AMSA endorsement nor partnership with any organization or group. Individuals interested in pursuing an opportunity abroad should contact these organizations directly.

Posting an Opportunity

Are you an organizer, promoter, or volunteer for an international health opportunity for physicians-in-training and volunteers? We would love to feature your opportunity in our directory!

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