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    Our healthcare placements bridge the gap of offering meaningful and structured medical work abroad with quality hands on experience and clinical exposure, through electives or shadowing other healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, midwives and physician assistants thereby gaining invaluable experience abroad.

    Students on medical electives and or healthcare internships gain from the global health experience of interning in a developing country, where healthcare systems are uniquely different from where they come from, working with limited resources to find solutions.

    The volunteer programs and hospital internships cover the high school volunteers as well as Pre-health shadowing such as Pre-Nursing, pre-midwifery, Pre-physician Assistant, Pre-dentistry and Pre-med programs looking for clinical shadowing experience in their future professions.

    We also organize split healthcare placements: between two countries Kenya and Tanzania or between an urban elective placement and a rural elective placement within the same country; and also between a private hospital placement and a public hospital placement.

    Elective Africa provides hospital supervision and mentorship for every placement to ensure that you will have a safe and structured clinical rotation. Our accommodation is in safe secure and comfortable students houses that are characterized by 24-hour security with Internet connection & laundry as well as one way transfers to the hospital of placement.

    Being in a different setting, we have incorporated swahili lessons to ease your daily hospital volunteer rotations. In the course of your placement we organize global health discussions with our local healthcare professionals who serve as your mentors to advance your knowledge about a developing country health system. We encourage our participants to keep a daily log of what they learn while at the hospital which can be used to gain college credit especially for pre-health students.

    We do understand that Planning an overseas volunteer placement, internship abroad or medical electives can be hectic. With Elective Africa we make your trip abroad a Rewarding, Enriching, Adventurous and a Learning Experience.